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Posté : 27-05-2020 15:50 icone du post

MORPHOS's latest version still a lot older in terms of webkit in compare with WebKit core in 1.25 version from AROS. For morphos core just a "little bit" fresher that our one in 1.23, but still lots order that one in 1.25 on AROS. Through to note that AROS version in no way better as it : many parts of gui just disabled, they do not have video player (taking aside with hardware accelerated as we have), many parts just disabled. All good what AROS version have: more fresher webkit core (2 years behind of our one in 1.23).

So, if AROS version will be ported in terms of webkit core, and then all the gui stuff and improvements from our current 1.23 will be added, then it will be the best odyssey from all oses. I already port initiall version of that 1.25 version, just with some issues which need to be sorted, so once we finish updating 3d party library in current version, i hope concetrate on 1.25 version.

It just numbering which make it a bit unlogic : morphos devs continue their own numbering, without taking AROS 1.25 version into account, which still have much better and fresher webkit core, than their 1.26 version. 

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