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Qu'avez-vous acheté sur AmiStore ?

  Posté : 14-03-2015 10:08

@YesCop (reprise d'une discussion d'un autre thread)

YesCop :
Tu as bien fait ça ?

0 se logguer sur AMIStore
1 Select your product
2 Click on buy
3 Since you haven't got the money, you will be prompted to put the software in the Shopping Bag
4 Go in the shopping bag
5 Click on checkout
6 You browser opens on Paypal and you can pay (with VAT and so on)
7 Wait for funds to credit to AMIStore account within 10-30 seconds (do not close AMIStore) ou plus de 30 secondes...
8 AMIStore will start to authorise the purchase
9 My Purchases/Download window opens automatically where you can download the item.
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