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Posté : 09-08-2016 18:40 icone du post

Mes echanges (en Anglais) avec Oliver il y a quelques temps :

Moi : Detection is ok (PA6tCPU) and it uses AltiVec (KOGE 3.1 Hybrid) but it is
 slower than my old G4@1,26Ghz.
 As you can see, PA6T is way slower than the G4 which has a frequency slower
 than the PA6T.
 On the contrary, FFmpeg is way faster on the PA6T than on the G4.

Oliver :Yes, that's odd as the AltiVec code in WarpJPEG is faster on PA6T too.

Looking at the public source from 2 years ago, it seems nobody has touched
the PPC cores in years :(.  Work was started on a PPC970 (G5) core for
RC5-72, but appears to be unfinished as it is disabled in all targets.
Once I get access to the private source again (it moved from CVS to Github,
not SVN), I shall take another look, but I fear there will be nothing

Moi : The KKS 7400 core give only 9,7Mkeys/s while Koge 3.1 Hybrid gives
Maybe there is something with PA6Y that we don't see

OliverThe RC5-72 cores were hand optimised in assembler for particular processors,
so obviously there is something in the existing cores that doesn't suit
the PA6T.  And there is only one generic vector core for OGR.  I now have
access to the private dnetc source code again, and I can see there have
been no changes to the PPC cores at all for many years.  The person who
made those Altivec cores hasn't contributed at all since then either, so
unless somebody else writes some new cores, there is nothing that can be
AmigaONE X1000 1,8 Ghz (A-Eon), Radeon RX560, 2 Go de Ram et OS4.1 FE
Sam460LE 1,14 Ghz (ACube Systems), Radeon RX560, 2 Go de Ram et OS4.1 FE

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