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Scalos version 41.5

dimanche 12 août 2007 @ 22:10:27

Sujet : Logiciels pour AmigaOS 4.0

Scalos en version 41.5 vient d'arriver entre autres pour AmigaOS4.0 avec au menu beaucoup de corrections/ajouts de fonctionnalités.

Scalos est un remplaçant du Workbench. C'est comme les gouts et les couleurs, soit vous adorez soit vous détestez. Ca ne se discute pas.

A réserver aux plus expérimentés quand même.

Le catalogue français est inclu. Des copies d'écran sont disponibles ici sur le site de Scalos (gentiment proposé par notre ami "L'Ours").

Liste des nouveautés (en anglais) :

- Bugfix: Information.module(MUI): garbage was displayed instead of device handler ID string.
- Improvement: Thumbnail cache cleanup now always removes entries for non-existing files.
- Improvement: Added menu command to manually initiate thumbnail cache cleanup.
- Information.module(MUI):
      Added new menu option to get size of drawers always or not at startup.
      A new "InfoAuGetSize" variable will be created into "env:scalos/" and
      "envarc:scalos/" to always or never get size at startup.
      Replaced "information.prefs" by "InfoShowiconPath" variable to show/hide
      icon path at startup.
- Information.module(MUI):
      Added new menu  option to show or hide the icon path gadget.
      A new "information.prefs" file will be created into "env:scalos/" and
      "envarc:scalos/" to always or never show icon path gadget after startup.
      Removed icon object's selecting codes which allowed the similar
      "hide/show" function.
- Improvement: Added support for centered and unscaled background images, and for scaled images with correct aspect.
- Improvement: Added support for single-colour or gradient backfill.
- Improvement: path for internal datatypes image cache (previously fixed "t:") is now user-configurable. On startup, all old Scalos files are removed from that location.
- Improvement: About window no longer starts with empty area.
- Improvement: Added button to temporaily stop scrolling of about window.
- Improvement: amigaiconobj35.datatype can now retrieve ARGB icons if icon.library does support ICONCTRLA_GetARGBImageData[12].
- Bugfix: Color palette wasn't loaded correctly on Scalos startup.
- Improvement: Added build number to Scalos version information (Splash + about).
- Bugfix: Delete.module crashed with file names longer than 39 characters.
- Improvement: (IconProperties module) Added SCALOS_BROWSERMODE tooltype support.
- Improvement: "view by type" now finally works.
- Improvement: "type" column in text windows is now functional.
- Bugfix: installer script failed if languaga setting was different from "English", "Francais", or "Deutsch".
- Improvement: optimized text window !refresh!. Now windows is only redrawn if really required.
- Bugfix: Moving files didn't correctly update "Show All Files" windows
- Bugfix: Changing truetype icons font didn't have immediate effect (required restart).
- Improvement: devicefilter.plugin no longer requires Workbench V44+,i.e. filtering of device no also works with OS3.0 and 3.1.
- Improvement: icons won't stay selected after double-click anymore.
- Bugfix: added work-around in defpicture.pvplugin to circumvent a problem with some MorphOS datatypes (e.g. GIF and BMP) that cause the last byte of sac_BitMap to be decremented by 1 when the datatypes object is disposed.
- Bugfix: never try to open SQlite3 thumbnail database if user-configured thumbnail cache database name is empty.
- Bugfix: Added safeguard to avoid crash when OpenDrawerByName() was called with a device name before desktop window was completely initialized. This could happen if initial delay for persistent window plugin was set too short.
- Improvement: font preferences about draw mode and background color for icon text are now taken into account.
- Bugfix: incorrect parsing of Workbench font preferences caused wrong background pen and draw mode to be used.
- Bugfix: added a workaround to defpicture.pvplugin that permits thumbnails to be generated under OS3.0/3.1 and Picasso96.
- Bugfix: Information.module failed to close opened libraries on abort due to missing MCC modules.
- Bugfix: defpicture.pvplugin opened scalosgfx.library twice.
- Bugfix: Dropmenu did ask separately for each one if multiple icons were dropped.
- Bugfix: it was not possible to turn off thumbnails.

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